Basotho Heritage Blanket- Pink
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  • Basotho Heritage Blanket- pink

Basotho Heritage Blanket- Pink


Blankets have a deep cultural significance and history in Southern Africa. Basotho Heritage Blankets distinguish this region from others by the way in which the blankets are worn as part of everyday life. The distinctive designs have been developed over many years with the blessing of the Lesotho Royal Family.

Our range of heritage blankets feature playing cards and also the corncob- the most widely used motif. In Basotho culture maize is the staple food and therefore the corncob is a symbol of fertility and wealth. Traditionally, Basotho blankets are manufactured from wool, but this range is collection is 100% acrylic for a super-soft feel and easy cleaning.

155cm x 165cm

100% Acrylic

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