Long Endito Necklace (orange & turquoise)
  • Long Endito Necklace (orange & turq)

Long Endito Necklace (orange & turquoise)


32″  4 color long beaded necklace, decorated with blocks of zebra beading. Orange, turquoise and white glass beads with recycled brass beads.

The necklace can be worn at various lengths or wrapped around the wrist several times as a bracelet.

Inspired by the simple jewelry worn by the young girls, ‘Enditos’.


Supporting Maasai women in Tanzania and preserving beading traditions in the region, this jewellery collection is entirely handcrafted. Bracelets are made using recycled grain bags to create the thread, recycled plastic boxes to create the boning, and recycled aluminum or sterling silver for the clasps. Each piece is slightly different and one of a kind.

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